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New worlds of taste

With a salty-sweet, and a particularly strong creation, we are broadening our horizons and pushing the limits when it comes to the highest pleasure to-go.

Quality starts at the source

The ultimate in taste has its roots in the same place as the coffee bushes. This is why we only use hand-picked arabica coffee beans from the highlands of Honduras.

Lengthy roasting in the premium roaster

Any coffee only reveals its true nature when roasted. Every roast is individually monitored, with the beans removed from the heat at the perfect time.

The portable star

Lattesso has got you covered, with numerous coffees to suit every taste: sweetened, unsweetened, lactose-free, with protein... why not take a look?

The drink of creatives and intellectuals

A Lattesso is a work of art in itself. But what would art be without interpretations of existing works? We’ve compiled a few blockbuster recipes for you.