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Meet the Baristas

Giuliano Bartoli

Roasts Lattesso coffee in Bern


“We leave nothing to chance where the quality of a new delivery is concerned. Every new delivery of Lattesso raw coffee is tested three times before roasting to check it meets our requirements. Our passion for the art of coffee roasting ensures the best possible taste and aroma experience and the highest quality. There is much more to the success of a good roast than the manageable parameters such as time and temperature. It requires sensitivity and minute awareness of the perfect moment. This decision has to be taken by a person. Coffee roasting is, and remains, a skill and an art.”

Erich Kienle

Founder & Visionary


“When I discovered cold coffee in a Japanese supermarket in 2002 and brought the idea home to Europe, no-one believed in it. Cold coffee drinks are now the fastest growing category in the milk-based drinks market and are steadily growing in importance.

As far as I was concerned, producing a sustainable, high-quality, 100% natural version, with a pleasant taste for this market, was more of a vocation for me than a duty.”

Marco Da Silva

Brand Ambassador & Coffee Lover


“To me, coffee is an attitude to life. It’s always coffee time. Our daily lives make demands of us from early to late, and life is becoming increasingly complicated and faster. This is why we need and treasure the brief moments that give us strength and fresh inspiration all the more. It’s not just the nutritional values that are decisive, it’s the attention to detail, the soul of 100% natural coffee. It is this authenticity that makes LATTESSO stand out and offer a moment of relaxation.”